Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Creation: An Essay by Dorothy Miller

Note: What follows is an essay by Dorothy Miller, one of our Old Bridge Library customers. Thank you, Dorothy, for allowing us to post your essay on the Senior Spaces Blog.

There has not yet been a word that can adequately describe "CREATION".

We can only say with certainty that creation is what was brought into being. The impetus for this phenomenon may never fully be understood in the mortal condition in which we find ourselves today.

Those of us who are people of faith believe that God is the creator. Others of us believe the scientific explanations. It is possible, then, that we may never know the origin of creation. Every day we see and contemplate the wonders of this marvel through the greatest creation of all. That is the intellect of man. We study the universe and are able to understand so much of what exists, and by putting existing parts together over the centuries, new creations have come about. In a sense we can say that the greatest mission of man is to continue with the minute details of creatism as far as his finite intelligence will allow.

I believe that the natural curiousity of man will, over the centuries, find more existing parts in the universe, the galaxies and in man himself, that will give credence to the concept of continuing creatism. This is not to imply that the intellect of man is without limits. It has however, the capacity to generate new ideas and thoughts as it comes more and more into contact with the already existing components of creation. Proof of this can be seen in the reaction of man from his earliest recorded history to the world that surrounds him.

In conclusion, I like to think that man, the greatest of all creation with the capacity to observe, speculate about and manipulate the rest of creation, will one day realize his role as custodian, and along with the marvels of our world will turn to the greater awakening of love and caring. These attributes are given to us at the time we were brought into being and must in the end identify us as the greatest creation of all.


Ivan Chew said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dorothy. :) I like your train of thought. My interpretation of your essay is that while we may seek an understanding of man's origins, it's more important to focus on the responsibilities than mankind has, given our capacities.

Oh, I found this blog after I attended Alan's talk at IFLA. Cheers!

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