Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Senior Spaces" Flyer


Here is the information (as promised) giving you an outline of how the "senior spaces" room is arranged. We plan on posting pictures this week, too!

Old Bridge Public Library
"Senior Spaces"

“For Your Special Needs”
Widescreen Computer (22” Screen)
Jaws Software (Voice Output, Large Icons)
Audiovision (Radio Reading Service from NJ State Library for the Blind &
Service Center for NJ State Library for the Blind & Handicapped
Widescreen Online Catalog (OPAC) (20” Screen)

"The Display Space"
Changing Displays relating to Baby Boomer and Older Adult Issues

“The Front Porch”
Chairs to Sit and Chat , Crochet and Meet Your Neighbors

“The Bookstore”
Books (and other materials) of interest to Baby Boomers, Older adults and
their Families (Arranged by Broad Categories)

“The Memory Space”
A Place to Showcase “Memories” from the Past

“The Listening Space”
Cable TV (Watch Local Programming)
Video/DVD Player
Record Player/Cassette Player/Music CD Player

“The Living Room”
Comfortable place to read the newspaper or sit and chat

“Bulletin Boards”
Current Information on Topics of Interest

“The Online Community” (Opening Fall 2007)
More than your Ordinary Web Page for Seniors!

“The Center for Creative Learning” (Opening Fall 2007)
Space for Lifelong Learning and more!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby boomers merit attention
Home News Tribune Online 07/6/07

The folks who run the Old Bridge Public Library have figured out that for their services to stay current they need to take a step backward — or, to be more specific, they must cater more aggressively to those patrons who were born between 1946 and 1964, the generation widely known as the baby boomers, who started turning 60 last year. It's a winning strategy.

Boomers number approximately 78.2 million Americans. About 7,918 of them — or 330 an hour — turn 60 every day. They are well-educated and by and large well-off. And they do one other thing that some members of younger demographic groups do not: They read — voraciously.

In Old Bridge, that will translate into a new pilot program at the library called Senior Spaces, a change in philosophy and offerings, according to library Director Allan M. Kleiman, designed to accommodate the needs, interests and concerns of this dynamic and prolific group. Smart move.

What's in the offing? To start with, cushy chairs (to ease all of those aging sacroiliacs); a "bookshop" with materials tilted toward the interests of older readers; "the front porch," with furniture and fixtures tailored to encourage sitting and conversation; a listening area featuring television, DVDs and phonograph, and a special-needs space for the visually or hearing impaired.

The New Jersey State Library is helping fund the project with a $10,000 grant, partly because Senior Spaces can serve as a model for other libraries.

No doubt it will.

"Serving the needs of older residents as the population of New Jersey ages," said State Librarian Norma E. Blake, "is one of the ways in which we can help libraries to meet the challenges of the future."

A future that is already here. Great job.

Our "senior spaces" project is now off and running. At our opening on June 8th, the New Jersey State Library awarded us a grant of $10,000 to continue to develop the space and move to Phase III--design and construction of our "center for creative learning."

Because we have had so many requests about the project, below you can find links to news stories and photos about "senior spaces."

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me at:

We will continue to add to the blog at: over the summer.

Here are the links:

Library Wooing Boomers

Library Opens Cozy Section for Seniors

Opening Day Photos Taken by Nancy Dowd, NJ State Library

Senior Spaces Designed for Older Library-Goers

Senior Spaces Under Construction Photos Taken by Tim Niland

OBPL's Craft Club "Adopts" Senior Spaces

Let us know what you think about the project. Our next phase will also include the development of programming activities in conjunction with our newly formed "Senior Spaces Advisory Board."

Chat with you soon,
"Senior Spaces" Grand Opening June 8th
Old Bridge Public Library Board of Trustees with INFOLINK, the Eastern New Jersey Regional Library Cooperative Cordially Invite You to Attend the Grand Opening of "Senior Spaces" Friday, June 8th, 2007 10:00 am - 12:00 noon (Refreshments at 9:30 am)

Old Bridge Public Library 1 Old Bridge Plaza, Municipal Center, Old Bridge, NJ 08857(732) 721-5600 ext. 5010 Directions:

Featured Speaker: Assemblyman Samuel M. Thompson, 13th Legislative District Member, Assembly Health & Senior Services Committee

Keynote Speaker: Betty Turock, Professor Emeritus Rutgers University, School of Library & Information Services

Project Coordinator: Allan M. Kleiman, Assistant Library Director Old Bridge Public Library

RSVP by June 1st, 2007 Call INFOLINK office at 732-752-7720/866-505-5465

INFOLINK is contracting with Old Bridge Public Library for this model incubator project that focuses on a major diversity issue impacting libraries -- in this instance the target audience is older adults. The budget for the project is $20,000 – $10,000 of which is a contract from INFOLINK.