Sunday, January 14, 2007

Old Bridge Public Library to Develop "Senior Spaces"

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For information, contact:
Allan M. Kleiman, Assistant Library Director
732-721-5600, ext. 5042

Old Bridge Public Library to Develop “Senior Spaces”

“It looks just the same for now,” remarked Library Director Margie Cyr, “but what’s happening behind the scenes is going to revolutionize library service to older adults.”

The Old Bridge Public Library has embarked on a 12-month journey to develop a little-used portion of the Library and turn it into a “Senior Space.” This project was conceived as part of the Library’s developing Strategic Plan, by Assistant Library Director Allan M. Kleiman. Kleiman, known for his longtime work with library services to older adults and the baby boomers is spearheading the Project.

“We had already identified ‘older adults’ as one of our target groups before I arrived here as Assistant Library Director early in 2006,” he began. “What I am doing is taking everything that I know about library services to older adults and putting it into action.” “What is different about this project is that we will be developing programs and services for ALL three generations of older adults—the baby boomers not yet retired, older adults who have retired in the last few years, and the elderly many who can no longer get to the library.” “We literarlly are building this space and the program from the bottom-up,” he remarked.

Besides using its own resources, the Library has begun to develop funding partners for this project. The first funding partner is INFOLINK, the Eastern New Jersey Regional Library Cooperative that serves over 900 multi-type libraries in Hudson, Essex, Union and Middlesex Counties. The Library was awarded a $10,000 for an incubator project contract in November 2006.

INFOLINK’s activities encourage “librarians and library staffs to learn from each other,” remarked Cheryl O’Connor, the Regional Library Cooperative’s Executive Director. “We support the member library’s focus,” she continued, “to redefine library services to older adults and envision benefits to the library community statewide.”

The project will be well documented through the use of a Senior Spaces blog at ( and Flickr pictures at: ( Additional information, progress reports and how-to-do it tool kit will be available on the Library’s web site at: www.lmxac.obpl.

For further information about “Senior Spaces,” contact, Allan M. Kleiman, Assistant Library Director at: 732-721-5600, ext. 5042 or at:

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