Monday, January 29, 2007

Creating the Space


I just returned from ALA Midwinter last Wednesday night and returned to work on Thursday. One of the most important parts of this ALA conference was for me to start to pick-our furniture for the space.

I spoke to several of the library all purpose vendors as well as some of the furniture vendors on display. They really were no help! The furniture vendors were much too expensive for our budget and the library all purpose vendors are really good if you are working with an interior designer; so we are back to square one. I asked them all about furniture for seniors and got blank stares. I guess that can happen when you are planning for something different in the library world.

The project this week is to do some PR locally to develop the Advisory Board. It would be great to have that together for the end of February.

We are also thinking that the physical space can open at the end of the month of May, since
there is a good PR tie-in there with Older Americans Month. We plan to announce a library conference at Old Bridge that day to open the "space."

I've already had some calls from folks in libraryland that read about the project in Library Hotline. Once we know the exact date of the opening in May we will do some more library PR but for the moment the best place to read about the project is here.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at: 732-721-5600, ext. 5042 or e-mail me at:

Allan Kleiman
"Senior Spaces" Project Director

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Susan said...

What is the square footage and shape of your new area?