Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pennsylvania Library Association


I just got back from State College, PA--and the annual conference of the Pennsylvania Library Association.

My presentation on "Senior Spaces" was presented to a crowd of over 100! And several people came up to me in the halls before I left to let me know that I was quite on target. Now--how to get the information out to the 49 other states.

The infolink.org/seniorspaces web site continues to have more and more content added to it each day and I would like to commend and thank Mi-Sun Lyu for the great job that she did with it. It looks great!

The powerpoint from the presentation is being posted both here and on the Infolink website.

We would like to heat from you about what you think about our project as we re-invent library service to the baby boomers and older adults from the ground up.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Talking Books Librarian said...

Okay, this is probably a dumb question, but where is the PowerPoint located on this site? I'm having problems finding it!

Also, please feel free to check out my blog - it talks about issues affecting older adults, those with disabilities, etc. It's at http://talkingbookslibrarian.blogspot.com/

Shannon said...

Senior spaces presentation, that's very nice and talented. It would be very nice when you get together all the information from 49 other states.
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Maria said...

I am with "talking books librarian," I could not find the PowerPoint presentation. I would very much like to see it.