Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Senior Spaces" Flyer


Here is the information (as promised) giving you an outline of how the "senior spaces" room is arranged. We plan on posting pictures this week, too!

Old Bridge Public Library
"Senior Spaces"

“For Your Special Needs”
Widescreen Computer (22” Screen)
Jaws Software (Voice Output, Large Icons)
Audiovision (Radio Reading Service from NJ State Library for the Blind &
Service Center for NJ State Library for the Blind & Handicapped
Widescreen Online Catalog (OPAC) (20” Screen)

"The Display Space"
Changing Displays relating to Baby Boomer and Older Adult Issues

“The Front Porch”
Chairs to Sit and Chat , Crochet and Meet Your Neighbors

“The Bookstore”
Books (and other materials) of interest to Baby Boomers, Older adults and
their Families (Arranged by Broad Categories)

“The Memory Space”
A Place to Showcase “Memories” from the Past

“The Listening Space”
Cable TV (Watch Local Programming)
Video/DVD Player
Record Player/Cassette Player/Music CD Player

“The Living Room”
Comfortable place to read the newspaper or sit and chat

“Bulletin Boards”
Current Information on Topics of Interest

“The Online Community” (Opening Fall 2007)
More than your Ordinary Web Page for Seniors!

“The Center for Creative Learning” (Opening Fall 2007)
Space for Lifelong Learning and more!


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Ref_Librarian said...

This Senior Spaces project is a great idea. I really like the innovative ideas. Can you tell me more about the "Memory Space"? Is it a display by the library staff - or is it photos, memorabilia, etc. from local older patrons?